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If you are having a bad day and need a reason to smile, take a visit to the HARTSDALE PET CEMETERY

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery is an incredible and yes, magical place, rich with history and incredible expressions of love. I have been there a few times. Each time has been when I have taken one of my pets to be cremated. On such a somber occasion one would think that the only feeling I would have is sadness but, in fact, the cemetery is such an uplifting place filled with so much humor, humanity, passion and love, that it is difficult to visit there and not smile, and smile often. I was there a few weeks ago, terribly bereft after losing one of the greatest cats I’d ever shared my life with (and at the ridiculously young age of not quite 8), and yet as I walked in I couldn’t help but smile yet again at the gravestones along the path to the office and crematory.

For more information on this historic site, including the famous pets who are buried there, click here to go to their website
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