Well, count me amongst the many who found their way here from your spiralizer review on Amazon, which I just purchased for$24.00, I suppose on sale. Didn't hurt that Cooks' Illustrated also gave a good review of it. Your pics are beautiful, but I am taken by the beautiful music playing. It is a familiar tune but I don't remember what it is. Can you give some info about this piece and the artist?
Very nice photos, recipes, art! Thank you!
Wonderful,exceptional photos!! The quality is superb. The subjects, colors, resolution and clarity are spectacular Thanks so much for sharing them!
Rita K. Hornaday(non-registered)
I am an animal lover and absolutely adore your photographs of not only animals, but people as well! Like many others, I read and enjoyed your review of the Paderno 3-Blade Spiralizer on I was quite happily surprised to find the slideshow of your photographs when I opened your webpage. My intent was to view your blog, which I eventually did get to!

You should absolutely consider publishing a recipe book of your family recipes featuring the Spiralizer and, of course, your wonderful photographs! I LOVE the idea of using your pets as subjects, pictured with your food. You might create a new niche in the recipe book world! I have bookmarked your page, because I do intend to purchase this machine....particularly after reading you recipes. I have high hopes that you will continue to add more of your recipies to this blog!

Thank you for including your webpage link on!

Rita K. Hornaday

P.S. Two of my sons are amature photographers. If you would like to see some of their work, their website is http://www.hansonphotodesign.com0
Thank you very much for your detailed review of the Paderno spiralizer; I had been deliberating for some time about which spiralizer to purchase, but not now, based on your commentary. Love the great photos and the recipes.
Thank you Liza! Your Amazon review and your blog are truly appreciated. I'm looking forward to trying ALL of your recipes. They are inspiring!
Obviously your blog took quite a bit of time to put together--it's one of the most beautiful I've seen and the extra little nuggets of information you include really show that you want everyone to enjoy making your recipes. Kudos!!
Your photographs are beautiful and quite varied. You are very talented!
James Dan(non-registered)
Looking good. Absolutely love your pictures!
I, too, found you from Amazon and the spiralizer. i loved your blog but the pictures are a WOW. I wish you were closer I would love to have you do pics of my parrots. I am involved with an Avian Rescue out of St Louis MO. We have a resident photographer there who does our pics. Hope you have time to look through them.
Hello, I just found your blog through an old review you did on amazon... Love the recipes but your photos totally drew me in! It stinks that bots are spamming your guest book, so I wanted to add something human (and canine, there's a dog on my lap) to the mix. Keep up the wonderful work!
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